I draw my inspiration from the views, echoes and sounds of nature. The impressive trees growing in the verity of landscapes inspire me to bring together home and nature into unique creations.


Nature is all around us and we take in and consume its fruitful blessings.
Flavors, odors, shades and colors that surrounding us on a daily basis.
I truly believe in the unity of man and nature, a union which has existed since time out of mind and is apparent in our homes' ambiance and furniture among other aspects of our lives.


It all begins with an idea, continues with the right choice of wood from the bountiful variety of trees growing locally or import together with the best raw materials and ends in creating the most impressive and practical solution for the customer.
I believe in one of a kind creations of the highest quality. Such that give each customer a unique piece of furniture.

Every instant of the process is full of thought and planning but mostly joy.

I will be happy to hear from you and help you through the process of choosing the perfect piece for you.

Gal Abekasis.

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